IoT Glossary Terms – B


IoT has taken over world. You have come to this blog means you already know about it.

Be it smart homes, smart phones, cities, smart computing, or IIoT, We’ve listed this technological glossary page of IoT devices, IoT protocols, and Internet Of Things – Centric phrases. If we missed something, do let us know. Its your own personal dictionary.

IT being part of endless list of terms. Thus we have IoT List of items starting with alphabet “B”. Keep following us for updated list.


The Glossary of Terms – B

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Wireless personal area network (PAN) focused on at devices with reduced power consumption & cost. As well as maintaining a communication range like regular Bluetooth.


Big Data

A very large set of data that can be analysed for patterns and trends. BigData provides valuable and profitable insights that can be used to identify service or product opportunities and customer behaviours.

Why it’s important: Analysing big data assures that enterprises make decisions not by gut instinct but by data-driven strategic choices. IoT devices have potential to generate completely new streams of data for big data processing.



A range of frequencies that is used by a technology majorly for communication purposes. For example, 2.4 MHz band is used for Wi-Fi communications.



Low-cost devices that do communicate with smartphone applications indoors, without the need for GPS. Beacons use BLE & are main enablers for smart retail category, triggering message notifications as consumers pass through specific locations or near products.




Short-range wireless technology standard which operates on the 2.4 MHz band. Bluetooth can be used for sending data & audio, with popular uses including wireless headsets & cordless keyboards. Bluetooth devices can be set with different hardware profiles to help perform specific tasks. Example – audio adapter, audio headset and keyboard profiles.


Body Area Network (BAN)

It’s a wireless network of wearable computing devices & physiological sensors, which may even be embedded inside the body. BAN may also be referred as WBAN (wireless body area network) or BSN (body sensor network). A major use case for BANs is e-Health applications.



It’s a Slang term for accidentally rendering device inoperable by either changing its configuration or shorting any of its circuits. It’s used as a verb, like “what will happen if I brick my Raspberry Pi?” The inert device thus sits there like a brick.



Enterprise term recognizing that different people bring their own Wi-Fi enabled devices into corporate network.



Brown field describes the problem & the process of having to consider existing systems when implementing new software systems.


Base Station (BS)

The radios & other equipment at the cell sites that are used to communicate with the cellular devices.


Base Station Controller (BSC)

The equipment that consolidates & controls multiple Base Station sites (usually, more than one BS is attached to a BSC).


Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

This is a machine that allows wireless communication between user equipment, example a mobile phone or a computer, & networks like GSM network. The data is received through an antenna and is then processed & transmitted by the BTS to create a wireless connection.


Business Logic

Used to describe different processes that are necessary to allow or execute communication between end user and a database or server. These processes decide that how data is transformed, transmitted, or calculated. This does not include display of data and/or task specific commands. It serves as a basis, consisting of code, algorithms etc.



Block Chain is a distributed open source database, based on a hyper ledger of transactions, with no centralised server. Like that powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Bricker Bot

A kind variation of IoT malware that “bricks” the affected device, making it useless.



An underlying operating system that is for the IoT developed by Google, that is supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and ultimately Android-based things.


Building Information Modelling

The creation & management of a digital representation of functions & structures for a facility.


Building Management System

Consisting of both software and hardware which includes BMS monitors that control’s  building’s electrical and mechanical equipments such as HVAC, illumination and access control.



This is frequently used in embedded devices, Busy Box is single-file collection of tiny versions of common UNIX utilities.