SAP Solutions Manager has been certified from Pink VERIFY to comply with all of the 15 ITIL processes that are currently available for certification. And also the German company SERVIEW has given their award called “SERVIEW Certified Tool” to achieve SAP AMS Support.

ITIL certification proves Solution Manager in SAP is a premium and functional mature product allowed to manage their entire IT solutions. SAP Enterprise Support customers can access a proper IT Service Desk with integrated Change Management. Solution Manager (SAP) provides a very attractive SAP Application Management Service from cost perspective.

What is SAP Solution Manager in all phases of Application Management Services (AMS) Life Cycle ?

SAP Solution Manager provides scenarios for all phases of AMS Life cycle




To run IT landscape several tools are utilized. Implementation provides information on IT landscapes as a basis for landscape operation and helps customers to best manage and use the existing system landscape and evolve it through new installations, Support Packages upgrades, enhancement packages, system upgrades or conversion to SAP S 4HANA

SAP Solution Manager’s cloud-based Maintenance Planner enables easy and efficient planning of SAP system landscape.

The changes are based on information provided by the SAP Solution Manager Landscape Management Database. Maintenance Planner decide on data consumed by the Software Logistics Toolset.


Application Management Operations provides System and Application Management capabilities for central monitoring, alerting, analytics and administration of SAP solutions. It helps customers to reduce total cost of ownership and total cost of operation by predefined content and centralized management tools in Solutions Manager (SAP).

Application Management Operations contains functionalities like System Monitoring, Integration Monitoring and User Monitoring. It furthermore provides support for Analytics, Technical Administration and Guided Procedures, Root Cause Analysis.

 Business Process

Business Process operations have tools and functions that help you support the product system operation of your core business processes. You can guarantee core business processes run according to the priorities of your company and the costs for operating a solution remain at a reasonable level like Business Process, Interface Monitoring, Data Consistency Management,  Business Process Improvement & Job Scheduling Management.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management allows you to Intact with all parties involved in a message. These include all users of the system landscape and your company’s solutions. I.e. consultants,  customers , or support staff. Using IT Service Management, you can also connect to an external help desk, set up service connections, & access SAP Service & SAP Support.


Optimization process controls changes in system landscapes in a comprehensive workflow. You create requests for change, edit them when necessary, and implement changes. You can implement the change control activities across technology stacks and application components. Change Control Management features can be accessed via the SAP Solutions Manager Launchpad.

Change Control Management component helps in Change and Transport System and Enhanced Change & Transport Analytics, Transport System, Change Diagnostics, Change Request Management, Dual Landscape Synchronization & Release Management.


In SAP Solution Manager you have a free of cost application lifecycle management suite that fits SAP systems mostly perfectly. You have tools for upgrade planning (Maintenance Optimizer), Inventory of systems (LMDB), Change Management (ChaRM), monitoring in many different flavors (system monitoring, business process monitoring, diagnostics, EWA), incident management, test workbench, etc.

Most of the operations can be done manually without Solution Manager Tools, but SAP Solman increase traceability, easier to use and provide high-level information for decision makers.