SAP Usage and Procedure Logging

SAP Usage and Procedure Logging is a Kernel based logging technology. It has no measurable performance impact and available in any ABAP based system based on the core functionality of SAP. UPL records all called and executed ABAP units like programs, function modules down to classes, methods and subroutines.

UPL result are more accurate compared with workload statistic (ST03N) because UPL can detect submitted programs or dynamic calls additionally. It also detects the usage of any ABAP based unit down to subroutines which will give you the evident data transparency on used modifications, user exits, classes and also single method executions.

SAP Usage & Procedure Logging also detect the dynamically called ABAP elements. UPL is the one and only technology that seals the existing gaps in the SAP workload statistic. By integrating  secured access to the UPL data, usage information is protected against 3rd party eyes

Workload Statistics (transaction ST03N)

SAP Usage and Procedure Logging is not a replacement of the workload statistics (ST03N), but its like  an additional data source which also includes runtime and DB time information. It also tracks the only spent dialog steps where in real executions Supports only transaction codes, programs and RFC function modules

User Interface Logging for SAP GUI for Windows

SAP is offering a custom solution to track and log SAP GUI for Windows screens, input, values, user access and security audits.  Full transparency that is assured in which SAP GUI for Windows screens and all UI elements, Seamless & impact free implementation. An additional license is necessary for it.

 SAP GUI for Windows on SAP NetWeaver 7.00 and above is supported

We have 2 approaches to Activate UPL

  1. Solution Manager
  2. UPL data in the managed system (Directly in the managed system without SAP Solution Manager 7.1 )


UPL Data Flow for Managed System

If solution Manager 7.1 is not available, SAP note 1683134 has to be implemented and execute the program /SDF/UPL_CONTROL. This program will help you to start and stop the recording of UPL data.  14 is the default no of days set for collection of data, but can be increased or decreased.


How to read the UPL data in the managed system?

Below are reports used to check UPL data

/SDF/UPL_GET_USAGE                    :               Read UPL data for defined days

/SDF/UPL_SYSTEM_STATUS            :               UPL availability

/SDF/UPL_CHECK                               :              Quick check of UPL availability

/SDF/SHOW_UPL                               :               Direct online view


UPL preconditions Managed or monitored system (System to be logged)

The entire logic is located in the software component SAP_BASIS, ST-PI 2008_1_x  and in the SAP kernel and always needs the latest SP level of the kernel.

UPL is available with below mention versions and above

  • SAP NW 7.01 SP10
  • SAP NW 7.02 SP9
  • SAP NW 7.31 SP3 or 7.40

Kernel patch level: 720 Patch level >430; 721 >120 or any higher is supported

Please refer SAP note 1828848 for s more detail information   Also the software component ST-PI 2008_1_x SP4 is needed (SP7 is recommended)

Required software Components

Support Packages