About us

About Us

UKB IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the niche IT Companies where teams create their Business Success by building the most Innovative Solutions that shape the future in areas of IT Consulting, Shared Services, Tech support and other IT Support Services. In a Digital world, IT is a critical touch point for millions of Consumers and our Employees. As a Global Service Provider we handle every individual situation and challenge to its merit with utmost care and caution for a better Solution. UKB IT Solutions has its own distinctive identity, which we have documented or mentioned in our Corporate Policy highlighting our Principles, Mission and Vision.

Our Partners

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Our People & Culture

Culture sets the rules for our daily dealings with each other and formulates our expectations towards collaboration within our teams and with our customers. It emphasizes the responsibility of the individual and helps our staff to employ their potential in their daily work optimally, thus creating a good working atmosphere and a high customer satisfaction.

While steadily comparing our performance with the market’s requirements, we define our strategy on the basis of our corporate constitution. From this again, we derive our short- and medium-term operative goals and our employer branding – to present UKB IT as a powerful, reliable and attractive employer. We see all this as our common task and the basis for our working together – our UKB IT LIFE, in which people work for and together with people!