Consumer Products Industry ( FMCG )


Cultural changes in today’s world, where instant gratification drives what consumers purchase, it’s important for consumer products manufacturers to stay ahead of constant & consistent changes.

Product developments and replenishment cycles may shrink while supply chains feel the impact of ever changing buying pattern, add on to that manufacturers face tightening profit margins. As a means to gain share and increase margins, consumer products companies must anticipate and meet customer demand on the shelf, while managing their profits and complying with ever-evolving safety, environmental & other legal regulations.

Industry Expertise

Our elite group is experienced in varied areas in different industries to bring out innovative solutions.

Agile Software

We make a software agile enough that it becomes play at work.

Global Reach

We pride ourself as progressive company with ever growing reach to 10 and more countries.

Delivering Value via SAP IS-OIL (SAP-ISR)

To combat such scenarios UKB IT Solutions delivers an innovative, robust ERP solution like sap is oil to overcome hurdles in consumer products manufacturing that helps such enterprises stay agile and competitive.  

  • Optimize inventory movements.

  • Update with dynamic market needs.

  • Identify all costs associated with the movement of goods.

  • Manage customers and suppliers and meet service level agreements.

  • Real-time access to information, allocation of materials & equipment with precise financial operations.

  • Better business planning

  • Maximize sales, market share, and customer satisfaction make customers happy.


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