Travel, Transport & Hospitality Industry


The current decade has seen the transportation, travel, & Hospitality industry finally realising the benefits of technological changes of the past decade. In an increasingly digitalized world, customers are demanding more personalized messages, customized promotions and are increasingly unpredictable towards the messages they respond to. To create a truly personalized experience for the customer, UKB IT Solutions has the relevant experience and capability to effectively implement, streamline systems, mine multiple streams of data from across orgIndustriesanizations and able to integrate, harmonize and interpret that data instantaneously. With its innovation centric solutions, we are helping the industry to realize greater revenue and bring in extra efficiency in their day-to-day operations.

Industry Expertise

Our elite group is experienced in varied areas in different industries to bring out innovative solutions.

Agile Software

We make a software agile enough that it becomes play at work.

Global Reach

We pride ourself as progressive company with ever growing reach to 10 and more countries.

Some of the solutions being elaborated are:

  • Improve the decision making.
  • Reduce the responsive time.
  • Reduction in manual and paper process.
  • Results getting highlighted timely and accurately.
  • Flexible reporting time and decision making for all departments.
  • Customer relationship management application & expansion in technology work simultaneously.
  • Training to get simplified for high turnover departments.
  • Access to various policies, benefits or govt. regulations get simplified.
  • Better knowledge should to be provided to front line employees because they meet the customers directly.
  • Level of services gets reformed due to reduction in barriers & innovation in technology.


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