Oil & Gas Industry


With mounting global oil prices and gas demands, the energy sector has to address an extensive array of challenges across upstream, midstream, downstream and oil field companies.

Fueling energized performances and productivity

Crude oil and natural gas projects require long lead-time. Gauging the positives and threats of new ventures, deciding capital investment inflows, and planning new products have to comply with regulatory, environmental and risk concerns.

Industry Expertise

Our elite group is experienced in varied areas in different industries to bring out innovative solutions.

Agile Software

We make a software agile enough that it becomes play at work.

Global Reach

We pride ourself as progressive company with ever growing reach to 10 and more countries.

It is important to have practices and checks in place for navigating through the shifting energy regulatory milieu, managing risks and raising performances.  Thus at UKB IT Solutions we support our clients by providing SAP based technologies like SAP IS-Oil catering to the petroleum industry, which are equipped to take on market dynamism. We help companies to be prepared for and to manage unforeseen developments, run smooth operations to stay ahead.

 Delivering value to the Petroleum Companies

Delivering value to oil companies via sap is oil. With deep understanding of operations, risk mitigation methods and strategic solutions, our specialists investigate changes from the point of view of how it will impact our client’s activities. So enterprises are ensured real-time visibility to keep abreast with regulatory changes, ensure operational efficiency and out-rival other majors.

  • Potential Outcomes

  • Enriched barrels of oil (BOE) equivalent production

  • Lowered operating expenses and capital development costs

  • Reduced incident rate and finding cost

  • Higher return on capital employed (ROCE)

  • Lesser days of sales outstanding (DSO)

  • Improvement in delivery time


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