Big Data is a concept of extracting insights from unforeseen data that is in disparate data structure, previously these data used to discard periodically due to heavy data Volume, getting generated in high Velocities & in distinct Varieties. UKB IT Solutions provides plentiful Big Data solutions to identify business solutions from these Big Data sources to solve real-time problems.

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Data is the most significant money in the idea economy, where thoughts that hit the market the quickest win. Enormous information done right concentrates esteem promptly to make clients cheerful, at the point when enormous information gets to be business rehearse, the examination closes and the experience winds.

Big data does not create any value to the business until it projects the clear benefits to the business. In the competitive world where thoughts that hit the market the quickest win, so for better decision making it is required to derive the insights from the raw data so for this strong analytical capabilities are required, here big data has been evolved as a solution.

“It doesn’t matter how much volume of data you have, if you don’t ask right questions”, right questions will seek for more valuable insights.

Data is not always ready to be analyzed, it has to go through different phases such as data collection, cleansing, aggregation, integration and validation techniques will helps us to do further analytics by building right analytical models. UKB IT Solutions Big Data Solutions enables organizations to meet their big data requirements with right insights to achieve business goals.



Not able to process regular batch processing of huge data in large scale enterprise database (DB) clusters or data warehouse (DW) systems. Solution is simple ETL the enterprise data with help of Hadoop & Spark to Big Data infrastructure (cloud, on-premises or hybrid) & process same jobs in Hadoop & Spark distributed cluster within fraction of time compared to legacy enterprise systems. Data security & governance data on-rest & on-fly is completely possible with enterprise approved compliance standards.


Data Migration from enterprise systems to Big Data infrastructure for out-of-the-box data processing may not be agile. Our Data Virtualization solution will help you perform data processing, analytics on-the-fly without any data movement to Big Data infrastructure. So you can save lot of time from data migration activities, by leveraging Spark in-memory computing.


Bring your disparate data sources & connect them to Hadoop to build data lake by storing data in raw format. Build a relevant data model in Hadoop & provide this data-as-a-service to your BI tools & perform data processing, visualization. You know what, data storage, processing at large scale is very cheap.

Hadoop & Spark as Data Migration & Integration

Your existing data sources such as data warehouses, traditional databases, & unstructured data sources can be migrated to Hadoop using state-of-the-art data engineering pipelines. Migrated data will be stored in scalable NoSQL database clusters with accessible data model. This data can be integrated & connected to existing BI intelligence tools & reporting services, then your business is as usual with high turnaround time for business solutions.

Big Data Infrastructure Architects

Our bench of expertise in architecting Big Data infrastructure in any cloud service, will help your organizations to get track on analytics on Cloud using Big Data tools such as Hadoop, Spark & other tools within less time. So you just concentrate on your analytics code & ML models part, rest of the infrastructure setup, maintenance, support, security & governance is our task.

Cassandra NoSQL backend applications

Cassandra is scalable & distributed NoSQL database powered by master-less ring architecture. It can be leveraged to use storage of large data & provide data to applications seamlessly with complete fault tolerance. Cassandra supports various complex data models such as Time-series, graph, wide column. Data is by default replicated & stored optimal, a few glitches in Cassandra cluster will not impact the performance of cluster.

Usage Analytics with Spark

Any software product development needs analytical insights from users not just feedback, Voice of Customers (VoC), complaints, trail downloads statistics. We need more data to extract unforeseen insights. Usage analytics helps us to identify user behavior in software product with help of heatmaps detected from User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX). Software product will be equipped with lot of features but due to complex interface, users might be facing issues in discovering those features, if those were unused then it will be unnecessary effort for developers to invest in developing them. These precautions can be taken care in next update to be rolled out.

With help of usage analytics, we can predict Customer Lifetime Value, by understanding performance logs from software metrics & support team interactions. This framework enables to collect, analyze, present & visualize the data extracted from use of software applications to understand usage of specific features in product. With user engagement, product life cycles, computing environment & more.

Big Data Services

The exponential growth in data is here to stay. Big data is not just a buzzword anymore, but a new reality of the business framework. The volume, velocity and variety of data is changing so rapidly that now uncovering actionable insights from data requires a well-planned Big Data strategy.

A well-executed Big Data program provides the opportunity to reap the benefits fromz` analysis of information streams and a consultative approach assists businesses in:

  • Uncovering hidden opportunities for selling
  • Minimizing Risk
  • Optimizing supply chain management
  • Improving forecasting
  • Tracking key performance indicators

Be Proactive about data your data analytics initiative and opportunities with UKB IT Solutions Big data strategy. UKB IT Solutions provides solutions and services geared towards making your data simpler, scalable and easier to analyze to generate more insight

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